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Together Steve and Anne-Marie make up the Real Estate “Dream Team,” helping each client fulfill the dream of buying or selling a home in a fun, personal, relaxed and yet professional manner. Consistently ranked within the top 3 teams at their brokerage, they base their business on DEDICATION, COMMUNICATION, DETERMINATION and TRUST. You can rest assure they will listen to your needs as they strongly believe, “The transaction is all about YOUR needs and not theirs.

Steve and Anne-Marie were both raised in Maryland, spent 10 years in Manhattan and are now 20-year residents of Burbank, which gives them the perfect combination of East Coast tenacity and Southern California calm and ease. After several career moves, Steve as a VP of a marketing company and Anne-Marie as an Event Planner/Manager, they found their forever home in Real Estate, each bringing their own unique skills to the table. Anne-Marie says she is the “crowd gatherer” and Steve the “closer” a winning combination to get the CLOSE THE DEAL!

They are deeply devoted to their daughter Skylar and dog Roxy, as well as giving back to their community.
In the wake of Covid, they established Small Business Spotlight Burbank where they spotlight small business owners to help their businesses continue to thrive.

The constant adventure seekers: on days off, you can find them on a long run, hanging at their favorite beach, taking a hike, or supporting one of their favorite Burbank restaurants!

My Preferred Vendors
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My Preferred Vendors
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Утасны дугаараа оруулна уу. Хүчинтэй утасны дугаар оруулна уу.
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Steve Roman
Лиценз №: 02024357 / 02113157
Roman | Osgood Team

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Steve Roman
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